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Faculty FAQ's

1. My student is blocked out of Microsoft, email, or Clever. What do I do?
* Restart the computer
* The STUDENT will use their SSPR to reset their password. Passwords should NOT be their student number, must have more than 6 characters, and cannot be their previous passwords.
* If the student has not set up their SSPR OR they cannot remember their secret question, send Mrs. Benavides an email with the student's name, student number, and email address.
* Password resets can take up to one hour. 
2. My student needs help with a technological issue. What do I do?
You are welcome to send students with basic technology questions to the library at 7:45-8:00 or anytime during 8th period OR put in a work order, and drop off the laptop in Mrs. Benavides' office.
3. How do I put in a work order?
Use the Technology Work order button on Clever OR click on the "Tech Work Orders" link to the right of the instructional technology page >>>. Don't forget to include the student's name, computer number, and drop it off in Mrs. B's office. 
4. What days is our wonderful technician, KJ here?
His RFM day is Tuesday and his "float day" (by need) is Thursdays.
5. I have a new student who doesn't have a laptop. What do I do?
When guidance emails about a new student, I will immediately check out a laptop to him/her and email the homeroom teacher to confirm pick-up. However, sometimes it takes a few days for a student to appear in Skyward and finally import to my system - especially if they come from out of state. If it has been more than 4 school days, please check back with me and I am happy to look into it. 
6. My new student does not know their login credentials. What do I do?
Have the student use their email address as it appears in Skyward. The inaugural password will be "password". From there, instruct the student to set up their SSPR and new password. DO not let them skip this step!