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The new school year will be here before you know it! Incoming 6th graders, BE PART OF THE BAND! The Rocky Fork Middle School "Sound of the Storm" is going to be looking for new members this fall. The band program at Rocky Fork middle is dedicated to helping students learn to play an instrument, to read music, but most importantly to create a LOVE of music! Parents, when he or she brings home an instrument for the first time, it is more than just an exciting day. It is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities in your child’s life thus far.
​If you are like most parents, you believe your child’s education should consist of far more than factual knowledge and an ability to score well on tests.  You want your child to focus on growing skills and mindsets that will last a lifetime, and learning a musical instrument can be the key to learning those traits!
Things to know/myths/common questions
  • NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! The band directors will try you on all of the instruments to find which one is best for you! We will teach you how to play it, and how to read music! 
  • Beginning middle school is overwhelming enough, and band may become too much.  The transition to middle school is often made easier when a child is involved in a unifying activity such as band.
  • No one in my family is musically inclined; therefore my child will not possess the necessary talent.  False.  Many band students are the first ones in their family to play an instrument. Prodigies are rare; talented musicians are created through practice and nurturing. 
  • Band interferes with athletics and after-school activities. False. Since band is a regular academic class, it does not interfere with athletics and other after-school activities.  After-school rehearsals are rare and performances are scheduled with athletic activities in mind.  It is important to note that the majority of our band members participate in athletics and/or other clubs. 
  • Instruments are too expensive.  Most students rent their instrument through a music store.  During our informational meeting, we will explain how your child can get a quality instrument for an affordable price.
  • My child will have too much homework and will not have time to practice.  Since band students are often in advanced classes and other activities, the independent practice requirement is ninety-minutes per week.  That can be completed in three thirty-minute sessions or six fifteen-minute sessions. Many students often complete much of their individual practice during our open bandroom practice time between 7:15 and 8:00 each school day.
Fill out this form if you are interested in joining the band, we will see you next Fall!
For 8th Graders for week 6, we would like for you to reflect on your time at Rocky Fork Middle School by answering a few questions in this survey.
Thank you!
JAZZ BAND! - Hang in there guys, keep playing the tunes, and check the Listening Page for some resources to practice along with!
We will be using the Remind app for communication.  See Mr. Gregory or Mr. Coleman for instructions if you have trouble finding your class.