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Info on the 2023-2024 School Year

Hello and welcome to the The Storm Singers and General Music Classes webpage. Here you will find all the important info you need for a wonderful year in choir or general music. Below are links to class specific webpages that are will contain information about assignments, forms, and events going on in Mr. Petrone's classroom.


If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ's below and if you have a question that is not addressed there, please email me at [email protected] and I will be sure to respond at my earliest convenience. 


Sub Day video for Oct 30th


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FAQ's for the The Storm Singers (Choir)

Q: What all is taught in choir at Rocky Fork

A: At Rocky Fork we focus on the things that make a student a great musician in a choral setting. First, each student will learn how to sing with correct vocal technique, they will also learn how to sight read music, and in May we will spend a few weeks learning basic beginner piano skills. We will perform concerts for our school and community, as well as participate in state level choral events. Students who join choir will get an experience aimed at making them great middle school musicians.


Q: How much does it cost to be in choir?

A: The only required item for choir is the choir t shirt. Other than that there are no fees for students. The price of the shirt will be determined at a later date, but please know that if money is ever an issue, please know that I will never allow money to be the reason why a student cannot participate in choir.


Q: Does choir interfere with afterschool activities?

A: No, choir is offered as an exploratory class at Rocky Fork. This means that 95% of what we do is during the school day. We do have several events throughout the year and I do my best to schedule all events around the different clubs and sports that are offered at Rocky Fork Middle. However, there are instances where I cannot avoid scheduling on the same night and when those do occur, the student, the other coach/club sponsor, and myself will work to ensure that the student has the opportunity to participate in both events in possible.


Q: Does my child have to audition for choir?

A: NO!!!! I have a personal philosophy that anyone who can speak can learn to sing. Students of all talent levels are welcomed to join the choir, no audition required. Students join band every year not knowing how to play an instrument and learn how to play it beautifully throughout their time in middle school band. My goal is the same with choir. We will not only focus on learning songs for concerts, but also on how the voice works, how to use it the right way, and how to help it grow so that each and every student can become the best musician possible.


Q: Can my child take both choir and band?

A: Unfortunately, students must choose between band or choir. Due to how our school does scheduling, each student takes only 1 exploratory class in their schedule. This means that students that want to do both must choose between either choir or band.