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2023-2024 7A Science

Hello, Welcome to my Science Class. Throughout the year, we will be going over the following:
Unit 1 - Bath Bombs - Quarter 1
7.PS1.6 States of matter with respect to temperature and pressure
7.PS1.3 Composition of matter (pure substances or mixtures)
7.PS1.5 Periodic Table Trends—physical and chemical properties
7.PS1.1 Structure of atoms
7.PS1.2 Elemental and compound molecules
7.PS1.4 Chemical reactions/Law of Conservation of Mass
Unit 2 - A Medical Mystery - Quarter 2
7.LS1.5 Body systems (processes and interactions)
7.LS1.4 Levels of organization from cell to organism
7.LS1.1 Structure and function of cell organelles
7.LS1.2 Cell membrane and passive transport
7.LS1.9 Photosynthesis and cellular respiration—cycling of matter and flow of energy
7.ETS2.1 Bioengineering solution/biomaterials
Unit 3 - Superhero Origin Stories - Quarter 3 & 4
7.LS1.3 Comparing cells across kingdoms
7.LS1.7 Sexual and asexual reproduction
7.LS3.2 Mitosis vs. meiosis
7.LS1.8 Growth and development (mitosis)
7.LS3.3 Genetic probability (ratios/Punnett squares)
7.LS3.1 Variation of traits
7.LS1.6 Behavioral and structural adaptations
7.LS2.1 Cycles of matter and energy transfer in ecosystems (carbon and oxygen)
7.ESS3.1 Composition of the atmosphere
7.ESS3.2 Human activity and climate change
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