Laptop Protection Plan

Rutherford County Schools offers a Protection Plan to cover any accidental damage or theft. Enrollment in this
Protection Plan will alleviate the potential cost of repair and/or replacement costs that could result from accidental
damage to your child’s assigned device. The cost of the plan will be $20 per year. This is payable when the student is issued the laptop. Although you are not required to purchase the Protection Plan, parents are strongly encouraged to consider its benefits. If you choose not to purchase this plan, you will be held liable for the damage or replacement cost of the device just as with any school-issued textbook or resource.
In accordance with School Board Policy 6.311 Care of School Property, students who destroy, damage, or lose school property shall be responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing such materials or equipment. Rutherford County Schools recognizes that there is a need to protect the investment by both the District and the Student/Parent. The following outlines the details of this protection plan and the Student’s and Parent’s responsibilities to abide by it. 
You can pay this fee with cash or check.  If you send cash or check in with your student please make sure that you also send in a paper that is clear with your student's name and grade level.
The easiest way to pay this is through our new school cash system
School Cash Online
Replacement/Repair Cost Examples:
Laptop - $351.00
Broken Screen - $100
Keyboard – $25.00-$50.00
Charger - $32.00
Clear Snap-on Case - $34.00

What IS covered under this plan
The Protection Plan covers minor repairs and/or a replacement for accidental damage per school year ending in May. This includes cracked screens or cases, replacement keyboards and/or trackpads, defective chargers, and other hardware issues such as broken ports and connections. The cost of ANY additional repairs during the school year may be charged in full to the student. Incidents will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Protection Plan may be revoked for repeated incidents at the district’s discretion.

What is NOT covered under this plan
*Any damage that occurs when the laptop is not in the issued protective case. *Damage as a result of the violation of the Device Use Handbook. *Damage as a result of negligence (i.e. the laptop is placed in an unsafe location or position, misused, or not handled properly.) *Damage to a part or product that has been modified to alter functionality or capability. *Damage that is cosmetic, including, but not limited to scratches, dents, and broken areas around ports that do not interfere or affect functionality. *Loaning your laptop or charger to another student. *Loss of the device, protective case, or charger.

What if my child’s issued device gets stolen?If the device is stolen on school grounds, the theft must be reported by the student to the School Resource Officer
within three business days. If the device is stolen off school grounds, the theft must be reported to the local area law enforcement authority where the theft occurred within three business days. A copy of the police report must be turned in to the main office at the school. Once the report is received by the school, a replacement laptop will be issued. If the Protection Plan is not in effect, the student will be responsible for the cost of the device.
Reference RCBOE Policies: Care of School Property (6.311), Student Fees and Fines (6.709) Reference: RCS Device Use Handbook, RCS Student Mobile Device Responsible Use Agreement