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Sara Upchurch » Frederick Douglass Background and Vocabulary Stations

Frederick Douglass Background and Vocabulary Stations

This document is in Schoology under the Qt. 1 assignments.
1) Vocabulary words; play Quizlet
2) Now complete the chart on the Word document.
1. Examine this map of the spread of US Slavery according the Census Data. Zoom in and view various states and regions. Play around with the date to examine the spread. 
2. Locate Talbot County, Maryland, birthplace of Frederick Douglass.
  • Use your Word document to record the required information.
3. Use the document to record information from 1818 (Talbot County), the year Frederick Douglass was born.
4. Then record the number of African American slaves and Free African Americans immediately preceding the Emancipation Proclamation (1860). Use the information for Talbot County.
Use this link  to read and locate information for a timeline.  Then use the document to create a timeline of important events from Frederick Douglass's life.  Be sure to include fifteen important dates that span his life (beginning, middle, end). 
1) Click here to view the video. 
  • Use the document to write 5 facts from the video.
Use the document to answer the following questions.
  • Upon what authority does Lincoln issue this proclamation?
  • Why is emancipation proclaimed as a "fit and necessary war measure"?
  • Why does the proclamation only apply to slaves in certain states?
  • Why is the geographical location significant? What does Lincoln encourage these freed slaves to do and to refrain from doing?
  • Explain how each of these provisions was expected to contribute to the Union war effort. Invite student comment on the relatively limited emancipation Lincoln proclaimed.
  • Why might the bland, legalistic language of the Proclamation be more appropriate in this situation and its purpose?