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Welcome to 6A Science

Thanks for visiting.  Please return often for updates.  
Skyward/Clever/Textbook/Office 365 (Email and Schoology)
  • Skyward: Check your grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office 615-904-6780 Ext. 31902 or 31903. 
  • CLEVER: Use Clever to access Mastery Connect, Nearpod, Quizizz, Schoology and more.
  • Online Science Textbook available in CLEVER: Go to CLEVER, Ms. Kaplan - 6A Science, Quarantine or Lesson Information, "SAVVAS Easy Bridge", Click on  Tennessee Middle Grades Interactive Science Grade 6 2019 to access online textbook and Glossary. You will find the eBook for the text and an assignment for quick access to glossary.
  • Office 365: You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school.  
  • Email: Check your email often using Office 365
  • Schoology: ALL 6A information will be in Schoology. Access using CLEVER, 6A Science, Quarantine or Lesson Information   
PLEASE NOTE: Quarantine Students need to go to Quarantine Folder in Schoology for asynchronous work and links.
Make sure to join the 6A Science Remind.
Click on the "6A Science Remind Information" Tab
in the box on the right to find out how to join,
Click HERE to go to the 6A Remind page.
  • Quarantine Students make sure you go to CLEVER, 6A Science, Schoology, and the Quarantine Folder for your links and lesson daily.  Lessons updated daily on Weekly Quarantine page.
  • Your daily lessons are Self-paced and asynchronous, so lessons will be slightly different than what we do in class, so you can do it at home.  Email me if you have questions.
  • All Students: Check out PDFs for quarantine/classroom expectations.  Also, important links for RCS instructional support. These are located at the bottom of this page.
Quarantine Information:
  1. Go to CLEVER, 6A Science, Lesson Information, Schoology 
  2. In Schoology, go to your Science class.  You will find a Quarantine Folder with your daily lesson.  Click on Quarantine - "Today in Science" to complete self-paced asynchronous activities. You will watch videos, Nearpods, Quizizz, and more to complete what can be done at home similar to what we do in class
  3. You can always go to the online textbook for more information and read the chapters on what we are studying.  Instructions for the online textbook are in Schoology in 6A Resources and Quarantine Folder.
 "Today in Science" is posted in Schoology daily in the purple folder for "In Class" students.
Quarantine Students go to the black Quarantine Folder.  See above for instructions.
  • All class information is posted in Schoology: Lessons/Links are posted daily for "In Class" and Quarantine students.  Below you will find the current weekly lessons with it broken down into "In Class" and "Quarantine" students.  Please email if you have questions.
Concept Cards:
-Definitions for Concept Cards can be found in the Science Textbook:
  • Science textbooks were given to students.  The textbook is also available online. Go to CLEVER, 6A Science, Lesson information, and click on Science Textbook for Online version.
-Timeline for Concept Cards
  • We will have vocabulary words due every 2 weeks. Students will use the glossary in the text book or the website below for scientific definitions.
  • Students due have 3 minutes in class to work on Concept Cards if they come in and use time wisely.  Otherwise, Concept Cards become homework.
Use Science Textbook or website below.  DO NOT Google definitions. All definitions should be scientific and related to our current study. 

Upcoming Assignments:


-CC#3 - Due Friday, October 1 

Concept Cards -  Unit 3 Word List:  Law of Conservation of Energy, Conduction, Convection, Radiation,

Temperature, Thermal Energy, Thermometer, Heat, Fahrenheit Scale, Celsius Scale, Kelvin Scale, Absolute Zero



Concept Cards -  Unit 1 Word List: (12 words or word phrases) Controlled Experiment, Data, Dependent Variable, Graph, Hypothesis, Independent Variable, Observing, Qualitative Observation, Quantitative Observation, Science, Scientific Inquiry, Variable


Concept Cards -  Unit 2 Word List: Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Mechanical Energy, Gravitational Potential Energy, Elastic Potential Energy, Nuclear Energy, Thermal Energy, Electrical Energy, Electromagnetic Energy, Chemical Energy, Mass, Speed

** If you are having trouble finding any definitions for Concept Cards in your textbook, search them here: If they are not in your textbook (check glossary AND index) or on the National Geography dictionary, you can use a reliable online resource. DO NOT use Google and write down the first definition you see.  The definition must relate to our course of study. 
1st 9 Weeks
Go to Schoology for "Today in Science"
There will be daily posts for In Class and Quarantine students.
What are we learning:
Week 1: Aug 9 - 13 - Science and Engineering Practices (Tower Challenge)
Week 2: Aug 16 - 20 - Unit A: Inquiry - Models, Graphs, Variables, Hot Wheels Lab
Week 3 -9: Aug 23 - Oct 1 - Unit B: Energy - Energy Sources, Transformations, Heat Transfer 
Standards this 9 weeks:
  • 6.PS3: Energy
    1) Analyze the properties and compare sources of kinetic, elastic potential, gravitational potential, electric potential, chemical, and thermal energy.
    2) Construct a scientific explanation of the transformations between potential and kinetic energy.
    3) Analyze and interpret data to show the relationship between kinetic energy and the mass of an object in motion and its speed.
    4) Conduct an investigation to demonstrate the way that heat (thermal energy) moves among objects through radiation, conduction, or convection.
  • 6.ESS3: Earth and Human Activity
    1) Differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable resources by asking questions about their availability and sustainability.
    2) Investigate and compare existing and developing technologies that utilize renewable and alternative energy resources.
Important Information Below: 
You will find PDFs of 6A Science Quarantine and Classroom Expectations, Online Textbook Instructions, Science Syllabus and more.
Important Links:

We will have academic help available at 2:25 each day using this schedule for quarantined students:

Monday – Math, Tuesday – ELA, Wednesday – Science, Thursday – Social Studies

ZOOM LINK for 6th grade-

6th grade ZOOM link for help-

Click HERE for RCS Instructional Support for Remote (At Home) Learning
Click HERE to get help from Middle School Support from Instructional Specialists
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