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Ms. Sharpe's Class!

Welcome to 7th grade science!
About My Class:
This will be my 7th year teaching and I am so excited to have each student in my class! I have high expectations for all of my students because I know that they can all achieve great things! The 7th grade science curriculum is so fun and exciting - chemistry, cells, adaptations, and genetics just to name a few topics! We will have many projects, activities, and yes homework periodically (pun intended). My goal as an educator is to make learning in my classroom an active experience in which students learn an incredible amount without realizing it!  I believe every student has the potential to succeed and it is my goal to give each of my kiddos the tools they need to see their own success. 


Helpful Hints:

Check your grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office. 


Use Clever to access assignments in schoology. 


Contact me to obtain online textbook information for this class. You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school.  


What to do if you are Quarantined

If you are quarantined because of Covid19 or if you are out of school for several days, you can use the following information to ensure you stay up to date on all classwork and activities.  
All work for your Science class can be found in schoology.  You will select the folder that contains the specific information you are looking for, and open the folder to see the assignments, files, etc. 
Clear directions will be given for each assignment each day.  If you have questions about the work or need help please ask!  Be specific with your request for help!  You can contact me through email: 
Office hours will be held for Science every Wednesday during 8th period. 
A weekly agenda for what is being covered in class can be found on this webpage under the link "Weekly Agenda."  This same information can be found in schoology.  All files, websites, etc are lined through Schoology. There is also a digital notebook with all notes found in schoology.  Please use this as a reference if you get behind!