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The Storm Singers

2021-2022 Rehearsal Track and Quarantine Assignments

Below is a link that students can use to practice their music at home when quarantined or while absent. The link takes you to a folder that has each song the choirs are performing this year. When a student is quarantined they will need to do the following things each day for choir.
  1. Click the Warm-Up video link and complete a vocal warm-up before singing
  2. Click the rehearsal tracks link below
  3. Practice 2 songs for about 15 minutes (7.5 minutes per song.) If possible, practice different songs each day.
  4. Complete the practice log form linked below each day they are absent.
If you have any questions about the quarantine assignment please be sure to contact me at and I will respond at my earliest convenience.



2021-2022 Rocky Fork Choir Info and FAQs

Hello potential choir student, on this page you will find important information concerning the Rocky Fork Middle Choir, also know as The Storm Singers. I am looking forward to the new school year and hope that you will choose to make choir a part of your Storm experience. Below you will find a video explaining what we do in choir and answers to a few questions that are frequently asked. If I did not address your question then please email me at and I will be happy to answer it.
If you want to sign up for choir please click the link below.
About the Rocky Fork Choir
The Rocky Fork Choral Program, aka "The Storm Singers" was established in 2017, the year Year Rocky Fork opened. We began with an 1 group that met once a week afterschool. We have since grown to have 4 separate choirs, 3 grade level choirs and 1 mixed grade choir. The Storm Singers provide the Rocky Fork community with choral concerts throughout the year and also provide students with solo performance opportunities at our annual Coffee House and School Talent Show.
Students in the Rocky Fork Choir learn how to expand their voice in both a choral and solo setting, learn to read music both for voice and piano, and take part in at least 4 concerts during a normal year. The Storm Singers also participate in the MTVA Choral Festival, regularly have student chosen for the MTVA Honor Choirs and Rutherford County Honor Choir.
Frequently asked questions about the RFMS Choir
Is choir and afterschool activity?
No, choir is actually a class here at Rocky Fork. Choir is one of our exploratory classes and students who choose to be in choir will take it for the full year. We will have a few days where we will stay afterschool to prepare for a concert, but I will be sure to give out those dates well in advanced to be sure you know when they are
Do I have to audition to be in choir?
NO. My personal belief as a choir teacher is that anyone with a voice can be a singer. I also understand the nerves that come with singing by yourself for someone you don't know. If you want to be a Storm Singer, then all you have to do is sign up.
Can I participate in sports/clubs at Rocky Fork and be in choir?
ABSOLUTELY YOU CAN!!!!! The majority of my choir members are also on many of the sport teams and in the different academic clubs. I have had one student participate in each sport and club throughout my time as  the Rocky Fork Middle choir director. We schedule our after school events around the sports and clubs so that you can participate in as many things as you'd like.
Does it cost anything to be in choir?
There is no choir fee, but we do have a t shirt that we wear for several concerts. The shirt is $10 and we also do a fundraiser at the beginning of the year to help pay for that. I also try to make sure that money is never the reason why someone can't be in choir.
Do you go on any field trips in choir?
In a normal year, yes we do go on field trips. I try to take every choir on at least one field trip to perform somewhere other than our school. I believe it is important to allow students to experience things outside of the classroom and field trips offer that opportunity.