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Jaysen Gold » Help! I'm Quarantined.

Help! I'm Quarantined.

Weekly Agenda



I'm quarantined! What do I do?

Check this website every week for the Weekly Agenda and the assignments you need to complete.


I'm only out a few days! Do I have to complete assignments for the whole week?

Nope! Only complete the assignments from the days you are not at school. 


My internet crashed! Can I do it on paper?

Absolutely! You can complete anything with paper, pencil, and textbook. Just bring it back with you to turn in when you return. 


I forgot my textbook at school! What do I do? 

You can have a family member pick up your book and any other supplies you need from the front office. Just please email your teachers first to let them know to send it up to the office for you. 


This 6th grade work is hard and I don't get it all. I need help!

No worries. Please, just do your best on everything! I will happily help you and catch you up once you return. You can also join us Tuesday from 2:30-3 for Zoom Office Hours by clicking the button on the right side of the page.